Kire with mask. Cleansing. Kire filming the elephant poaching crisis. Kaluca. Kire in Congo best. Warrior hunt.
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National Geographic: “Lion Warriors” Finalist
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Kire Godal makes ethnographic, wildlife, and conservation films.
Her work can be seen on the National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Network's Animal Planet, Fox, France 5, among many others.

As a filmmaker and explorer Kire is the first to film many rare and secret ceremonies of diverse traditional groups in Africa. She is also passionate about wildlife, and dedicated to human-wildlife stories and environmental issues.

In 2014, Kire was nominated for a "Panda Award" at Wildscreen for her film “Lion Guardians” for best in the Campaign Category. The "Panda Award" is considered the equivalent of the “Oscar” by wildlife film makers worldwide.

Her film "There Will Always Be Lions?" was nominated for a prestigious Roscar Award in 2013, and received two Merit Awards from International Wildlife Film Festival in 2012.

Her film “Lion Warriors” for National Geographic was nominated at 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for best in “People & Nature” category, as well as being a finalist in three categories at the International Wildlife Film Festival 2011.  Enjoy the preview of “Lion Warriors” and please follow the links above to learn more about Kire's work.

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