Kire Godal's biography.

Documentary Director / Producer / Camera / Editor / Writer / Presenter

Kire was born in Aspen, Colorado to Norwegian parents. She grew up on horse back and on skis exploring the mountains with her brothers. This developed a life long appreciation of the natural world and an adventurous spirit.  Kire left Aspen to model in New York with Ford Models, and later decided she was more interested in being behind the camera than in front of the lens, and went to UCLA to study journalism and film.  Today Kire has combined her love of adventure with her skills as a filmmaker to create original stories for worldwide audiences.

Since 2000 Kire’s exploratory work has documented many rare and secret ceremonies of diverse traditional groups in Africa.  Four of her films for the “Tribal Odyssey” series have been airing since 2007 on The National Geographic Channel International, France 5 and other channels worldwide.  To make her films, Kire lives intimately with a tribe recording for months at a time. Their gentle approach leads to exclusive access, and never before seen footage.

In 2012-13, Kire's work focused on the elephant poaching crisis.  She filmed on the three part series "Ivory Wars" for Discovery Network Animal Planet due to air in 2014, and helped film and produce the short film "The Elephant in the Room" which premiered at the international CITES Convention in Bangkok and is now showing in China and worldwide. She also filmed and produced UNEP's illegal ivory awareness campaign aimed at Asia with UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Chinese film star Li Bingbing

In 2010-11 she created several urgently needed awareness films for lion conservation in East Africa, including her critically acclaimed film “Lion Warriors” for National Geographic Wild Channel’s annual Big Cat Week. “Lion Warriors” was nominated at 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival as well as being a finalist in three categories at the International Wildlife Film Festival 2011.  Her Maasai conservation film "There Will Always Be Lions?" was nominated for a ROSCAR at the 2013 Wild Talk Film Festival, and received two Merit Awards at the International Wildlife Film Festival in 2012. 

Passionate about wildlife, Kire is dedicated to human-wildlife issues in Africa. She consistently makes conservation films for: UNEP, WWF, NAT GEO Big Cat Initiative, Rhino Ark, Maasailand Preservation Trust, Lion Guardians, among many others.  Kire was also an On-Camera Correspondent & Producer for the FOX Family TV wildlife series “World Gone Wild”.

She also raises funds for her own humanitarian projects including, sponsorships for education, health care and conservation in Africa.
Kire directs, shoots, writes & edits herself, and runs Malaika Productions & Original Godal Productions in Nairobi Kenya where she lives with her son and dogs.  Kire is one of few owner / operators of the RED EPIC X camera in East Africa.

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