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Concierge Magazine, Kenya A woman falls in love with Africa whilst reading National Geographic, leaves her successful modelling career in America, and brings up three children in the throes of a life amongst cattle rustlers. She is Kire Godal, a youthful, free-spirited documentary filmmaker brought up in Aspen, Colorado. Over the past decade, Kire has traveled for months at a time throughout Kenya, often with her young son Kinna, a sound-man, a cook and an ayah in tow. Returning home to Langata, Nairobi, with a rare footage of tribal ceremonies, she has created such films as ... Click for pdf
World Environmental Day This fine National Geographic production is an in-depth look at the problems of trying to protect the last handful of lions on the 300,000 acre Mbirikani Group Ranch, west of the Chyulu hills. The lion prides there have been whittled down to unnaturally small groupings by warriors taking revenge on the killers of their livestock. Despite the fact there is a scheme in place to recompense them for their losses – and the fact that it is against the law – the warriors are quick to hunt down and spear the culprits. The film follows two young men as they are inducted into the warrior-hood, and express their joy that they will now be able to hunt lions ... Click for pdf
Wired magazine Our relationship with big cats is paradoxical. Leopards, lions, tigers, cougars – they all exemplify a lithe, deadly form of beauty that has transfixed our species from the time Pleistocene artisans immortalized their shapes in stone and ochre. They are both totems and terrors. Big cats are used to sell everything from gasoline to breakfast cereal ... Click for pdf
BIg Cats: Its a jungle out there Attention all water buffalo, impalas, zebras, ostriches, elephants and lizards: Run for your lives. It’s Big Cat Week. Fans of overweight domestic cats will be dismayed to learn that Big Cat Week has nothing to do with the recently deceased Prince Chunk, the rather large New Jersey cat who achieved moderate fame in 2008, when he became homeless after his owner lost her house to foreclosure ... Click for pdf
Seeing RED in Kenya

Kire Godal and her soundman Mike Moller specialize in African ethnographic and wildlife documentaries. They currently have three documentaries showing on the National Geographic Channel, as well as commercial and NGO productions for the East African market. They often work in extreme and remote locations, living in the bush for more than a month at a time, while operating from a tented production studio. “Our work is about being organized while delivering the bestquality possible, kire explains”. “At first we thought that the RED One camera would be too complicated and fragile in hot, dusty and remote locations. We hear rumors that it overheated easily and also was hard to operate handheld but after working with it in our usual extreme situation, we are happy to say it performed really well” ... Click for pdf

Learning for Peace-The Pokot School Project

Imagine living in an area so remote that schools simply don’t exist. Imagine that by the age of nine, your child is brandishing a gun instead of reading a book. It seems unfathomable, but this is the reality of children living a remote tribal war zone in northwestern Kenya ... Click for pdf


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